Building Your Brand is Key 

A website helps to build your business’s brand or your products awareness. The average consumer prefers to do business with entities that they are familiar with. This is why businesses spend millions of dollars creating familiar brands that the consumer will trust. With the use of videos and graphics a website can help to build that familiarity in the minds of your customer.  Webpage forms are a great way to gather information about what your customers want or need. If your website does not have the same look and feel as your Facebook business page,I think that is not good branding. Keeping your brand familiar for your customers is key.

Relevant Content Equals Better Ranking ?

Having relevant content on your website is not only good for your customers, but it will help in your overall search engine rankings.I see so many people build a website and then just forget all about it.-even phone books get updated. Keeping your website’s content fresh will let your customers know someone at your company cares about customer service. Relevant content can also have a different meaning depending on who you may talk to. SEO experts think relevant content is carefully selected and researched keywords designed to rank a website high on search engine results pages, and they are right. E-Marketers claim relevant content is content that will add value to a product or service and will increase the bottom line of sales and they are right too. I believe relevant content is what the web user finds interesting, useful and what they want. If I am selling bananas the majority of my content best not be about apples.
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