Have you been seeing this on your Android Tablet or Phone?

mobile device error notice for Android.

Many folks have been reporting that their websites no longer work on Android phones – guess what ? – THEY ARE RIGHT !  Now you are asking WHY ?  Well then answer from Google is a simple one. Chrome for Android will not be supporting Flash. As you may have seen in November, 2011, Adobe announced it has stopped investing in Flash for mobile browsing. Google has long been committed to making the web platform more powerful through open web technologies like HTML5 and is working with Adobe and other partners to further advance the web standard.

The next question is “what should I do if my website is not working on an Android mobile device” ?
If your website has any interaction buttons ,e.g. click here,  unfortunately there is no fix right now. Google has created an extension SWIFFY for programs like Adobe Flash and Swish, but the conversion is limited to just animation type banners.

If your website is a combination of HTML , FLV or SWF then HTML5 is the way to go. I have found videos to be the easiest to convert to an HTML5 format. I would suggest contacting your webmaster or web designer for a new website update.

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