Twitter has fast become the social media of choice for many business, both large and small.

By: Gary Zappelli

Facebook has had a %16 percent drop in teen users recently, thanks to Twitter and InstaGram. While many business still use Facebook’s pages, companies are starting to see how Twitter can get their  message out to the world by just using the right #hashtags. And while many people are still having a hard time understanding what a hashtag is, there are that many more taking advantage of it’s power. It is true that where ever the “kids” go, the adults will soon  follow, it happened with Facebook. Being a Twitter user myself since 2008, I have noticed more and more companies using Twitter , but think some companies are going about it all wrong. They seem to have no creativity in their message, it all selling points. Many companies don’t realize that their constant bombardment of adds on Facebook is one reason people are leaving Facebook. Nobody wants to be sold all the time. Twitter can help a company but only if they are really willing to engage users with interesting and engaging Tweets.